The Sociology

The Spark Torus philosophy is visualised in this model. It demonstrates interlinked entities and depicts the relationships and effects. Each entity is connected to all the other ones. Each emits and receives. This clarifies the actions and reflections that the behaviour of each entitiy has on the addressee, environment and on the actor itself.

The individual is most important. The construct originates from him and returns to him. Without him, the racing community cannot exist.

The second in importance is the project. It is where activities become organised and leave the randomness behind. The project can be the predecessor of the network. The community may not want to become a network, though, and can stick to remaining a project.

The network and the group are optional. One can act as a single individual in a single project. However, the network, which is the result of a community choosing to run varying projects and the group, which is the result of harmonising people uniting to form a group, add excitement and cause dynamics with interesting effects.

So while all that organised activity needs are individuals and projects, having groups and evolving into a network spices things up.

Despite the offer, an individual may still not be happy with what he finds at a community. He may want to start his own projects, realise his own ideas. That is why ST offers starting help. It believes in plurality and diversity. If anyone wants to start his own venture, ST provides help the best it can. It is its understanding that by supporting and empowering others it does that to itself so offering its help with the 4 aspects depicted in the illustration is a logical conclusion. That means if anyone wants to become an activist or found a project or group or network then he can count on ST aiding him to do so.

The Life Sociology

The Flower Of Life


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