• Spark Torus is an organisation resulting from the lessons learned by its members.
  • Everything from its name to its logo is testimony to the values it represents.
  • Its purpose is the establishing and enhacing of creativity and sustainability.
  • “Spark” represents the creativity. The creativity is also represented by the star in the middle of the circle.
  • “Torus” represents the sustainability. The sustainability is also represented by the circle surrounding the star.
  • The organisation is open and welcoming to all those who share its values.





  • Spark Torus is managed by the head admin and his board.
  • The board meets on request by board members.


  • Individuals or groups can become partners of ST.
  • Partnerships are based on a shared common basis.


  • Spark Torus is an organisation for proper living and evolving. Its members are united by the passions and values they share.
  • As a conclusion from the personal and general experiences made, this organisation has been formed.
  • The organisation supports and promotes the values of creativity and sustainability.
  • Freedom and constructivity are among the qualities that Spark Torus lives by.
  • All its efforts are geared towards enhacing its values and making them future-fit.
  • The organisation is run by the head admin and the board.


  • Individuals or groups may become members of ST.
  • The membership is granted by the head admin and the board.


Spark Torus Basic Guide

  • Creativity and Sustainability
  • Individualism and Community
  • Passion and Constructivity
  • Motivation and Positivity
  • Principality and Adaptability
  • Sophistication and Simplicity

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